The definition and objectives of education have constantly been changing. In the ancient times, disciples and learners went to the Gurukuls taking knowledge, to be the medium and essence of salvation. Since then the process and goals of learning have continuously been changing. Today when there is such an explosion of knowledge and science that landing on the Moon has become a thing of the past, we will have to reconsider our educational objectives. Now our educational institutions have to impart the knowledge of various subjects with minimum possible time and expense in a right way. The youths of today have to become able citizens of the country besides earning their living with respect. They must have an all-round development of their talent/brilliance and human qualities, and as such, our educational institutions have to impart quality education to the boys and girls of every class of society. This is possible only when the institution become a part of the process of development and centre of learning. Their aim should not be only to pass examinations and get certificates and degrees. Keeping all these things in mind, the dreamer of education, Late Shri Mahant Indresh Charan Dass Ji, dedicated his life to this noble cause.

All present, 125 educational-institutions are being run by Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission, out of which 103 where founded by the ninth Late Shri Mahant Indresh Charan dass Ji . One institution (Sanskrit Vidyalaya) was established by his Guru, the eight Shri Mahant Laxman Das Ji and five by his worthy disciple, the present tenth Shri Mahant Devendra Dass Ji who is now working very hard to materialize the dream of his Guru-establishing a hospital and a medical college. This work is about to complete and the construction is in its final stage.