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How blessed is mother India who gave birth to so many great saints, sages seekers and great philosophers! The world had always been in need of such great souls and they have been taking birth here from the times immemorial. They awakened the common people, gave them wisdom, enlightened them, preached and thought about their well being, peace, morality and right conduct in life. From time to time people witnessed their miracles. Such great souls generated undaunted courage and patience in the people who were made to suffer by cruel aggressor and gave them strength to face the invaders bravely. As a result, the lamp of Indian culture and religion continues to spread its radiance till now. Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj occupies a special place in the chain of great souls. His story dates back to 350 Years.

Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj, Dehradun, is over 332 years old religious, charitable, philanthropic organization founded by Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj, eldest son of the seventh Patshahi (seventh Guru of the Sikhs), Shri Guru Har Rai Ji. He was born on Chaitrawadi Panchami, Tuesday, (the fifth day ofHoli) in Samvat at Kiratpur, Kot Har Rai, district Hoshiarpur (now Ropar) in the Punjab. In 1676, Shri Guru Ram Rai ji put up his dera at Doon Ghati, from which the name of Dehradun is derived. The town of Dehradun initialy comprised 6 villages(Khurbura, dhamawala, panditwari, mehuwala, chamasari and Raipur), which were presented to Guru Ram Rai ji Maharaj by raja Fateh Shah of Garhwal under the 'FARMAN' (directive) from Aurangzeb. Darbar Sahib has rendered remarkable service to society it's since inception.

Social and Religious Services of Darbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj

A community kitchen (langar) has been running in Darbar Sahib since very beginning. In it more than thousand persons takes prashad twice a day. In keeping with it's tradition of philanthropy and charity, Darbar Sahib provides general donation for needy persons, wandering sages, poor students and destitutes. Financial assistance and other help is provided to needy girls from poor families for their education and marriages. Besides this, Darbar Sahib has been generously helping victims of earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities. Free lodging and boarding facilities are also available in Darbar Sahib for all devotees, followers, visiters and needy students.