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Personality Development Programs

Personality Development Programs are aimed at the overall development of students. Modules related to Communication Skills, Self Management, Logical and Analytical powers and polishing up for GDs and Interviews have been designed and successfully implemented.

CRC – Alumni Interface

The Alumni Cell of CRC maintains continuous touch with all alumni, “RAMRITES” as we fondly call them, for enlisting their help in training and placement activities. The Alumni Association plays an important role towards this objective.

Industrial Visits:

To see firsthand how successful organizations operate, frequent industry visits are organized. The interaction with industry experts help the students relate the theories they have learnt to actual practice.

Consultancy Services

With its rich Intellectual base of highly experienced faculty from diverse fields, SGRRITS offers consultancy and training to executives at all levels, in both government and private sectors. These services are offered on various emerging business & management issues to help the executives update their knowledge and skills. SGRRITS offers customized solutions to its clients & catering to the specific training and development needs of the employees of the client company.

Student Development Programs

With a vision of creating the Industry leaders of tomorrow, SGRRITS,through its regular student development programs, nurtures skills in the students that are important for them to excel & effectively face the challenges of the Corporate world. Personality, Leadership, Values, Attitude are the major areas of focus.

Workshops & Seminars

SGRRITS has been actively involved in promoting management excellence through organizing seminars & workshops at National Level. Workshops on Behavioral Anchoring, Effective communication, Database & web oriented application, Managerial effectiveness have been a great success in the past.

A usually brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field a small establishment where technology or personal grooming are carried on

The workshop aims at attracting both researchers from academic and industrial institutions and practitioners from industry. It is a merger and expansion of the International Workshop on Quality Assurance and Testing for Web-Based Applications (QATBWA) and the International Workshop on Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Systems Testing Component-Based Software (TQACBS).





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