Rules & Regulation

Right Of SGRRITSians:

  • Complete Ragging Free Environment.
  • Right to lodge any complaint/seek justice from appellate discipline committees.
  • Right of respect for their religion and social conviction in so far as these are compliable with norms and do not hurt other SGRRITSian.
  • Right of respect for thier Privacy(Pvt. Mail, conversation and personal belongings) within the limit of discipline.
  • Right of direct access, as rapidly as possible depending on the circumstances, to any faculty/staff including HOD and the Director.
  • Right to claim strict professional secrecy from staff, faculty members and the Director for any conversation held in confidential.
  • In case of any complaint against SGRRITSian, he/she has the right to be informed about the facts brought against her/him and has to defend case through discipline committee.

Duties Of SGRRITSians:

  • To behave as a good human being and do not get involved in any such activities both on and off campus that would affect the prestige of SGRRITS in particular and Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission at large.
  • Avoid creating unnecessary propaganda/amalgamation contrary to the principals of respect for the human being.
  • To participate actively in all the annual functions & the extra curricular activities of the institute.
  • To make all possible efforts in order to maintain the property of the institute and use its resources economically.
  • To make the best use of their time during the academic hours rather than wasting time and money of their parents.
  • Will not get directly or indirectly in the activities like strikes, hunger strikes, shouting slogans or in creating unpleasant atmosphere in the hostel premises as well as the campus of the institute.
  • Avoid use to illicit in any form inside the campus of the institute.
  • To give due respect to faculty and staff irrespective of their department.
  • To adhere to the principles of intellectual honesty, which forbid cheating and lying for the personal benefits.

Our Courses

Centre of Excellence

  • Highly qualified faculty with extensive academic & industry experience.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Spacious classrooms with Audio Visual equipments.
  • Fully AC Hi-Tech Computer Lab, with internet facility of 10 Mbps Broadband Connectivity
  • Well stacked library, DEL, NET and over 100 National and International Journals of repute
  • Scholarship for Meritorious Students
  • Regular Educational Industrial Tours/Seminars/Workshops.
  • Extra Curricular activities for Personality Development


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